Friday, October 16, 2015

Introducing : Mom In Kuwait

You may have noticed in the past month or so the new tap on the top ( Mom In Kuwait) and several of you have actually visited the blog. Well, I just got the final logo for the blog so let's give it a proper introduction.
 It has crossed my mind several times in the past few years to start a new "everyday" blog but I thought that maintaining two blogs would be tedious and I tried to have "everyday" posts on Instagram but I think I am more comfortable with the blog format. So finally over the summer I took the step and started the blog Mom In Kuwait and I have been posting kind of regularly since then.

Over there I share recipes other than Middle Eastern ones along with monthly favorites, product reviews, existing finds in Kuwait and other random stuff. The blog is primarily in Arabic but I will include an English translation if I find a post particularly interesting for expats living in Kuwait. So, if any of the above topics is of interest to you then you're most welcome to visit. And give me your feedback if you do. I'll be happy to read your comments and see what you think of it.


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