Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mint Limemade ليمون بالنعناع : Laymoon bel na'naa : The perfect summer drink

It's officially summer here in Kuwait...or the early stage of it as it will become progressively hotter from now on..Although  we have been enjoying  a quiet unusual cloudy and rainy weather in the past few days.

I know..., it's the beginning  of May it's spring for the rest of the world, but no..not here. In Kuwait it's the beginning of a dreadful, loong,  harsh summer.

"How do you endure such a climate?" you might ask; three words I'll tell you: air conditioners,  Turkish drama and 4 a.m bed time.

And of course icy cold drinks like this popular middle eastern mint and lime lemonade. Fresh, cold and tangy it's the perfect drink to have to quest your thirst when the outside temperature hits 50 Celsius. I know I'll be making this recipe quiet often in the coming few months. 

Mint Limemade Recipe

4 cups tap water

3/4 cup sugar

A handful fresh mint leaves

2 Tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice ( the juice of about half a lemon)

2 cups ice cubes

5-7 whole limes

- In a blender, mix water and sugar on high until sugar is all dissolved ( about 2-3 minutes)

- Add mint leaves and lemon juice and mix more on high for an additional 2-3 minutes.

-  Add ice cubes and turn blender setting to (ice-crush) leave it on until all ice is crushed and blended.

- Add limes and mix on high for 10 seconds. ( don't leave the blender on for more than that or limeade will be  bitter)

- Drain and pour in pitcher. Store in refrigerator to cool completely or serve immediately over ice cubes


  1. I live in Central Texas and summer has begun for us as well. Although we've been experiencing a VERY wet start with flooding rain. I wanted to ask if you blend the limes whole?

    1. Oh, I always wanted to visit Texas, it has such a vibe and distinguished culture ( as I understand :) . As for the limes, yes you blend them whole but only for 10 seconds, any longer and the juice will get better. Drain everything afterwards into a pitcher.