Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spicy Potatoes بطاطا حاره : A quick dinner/ supper fix

I always get confused when referring to lunch and dinner. Here in the middle east we have a slightly different meal configuration. We have breakfast around 8-10 a.m,  then we eat lunch around 2 o'clock. But it's actually the biggest meal of the day, much like dinner in the U.S.

 We have afternoon tea and snack and then we eat dinner around 8-10 p.m which is more like a lunch meal in the U.S.  So I  always get hesitant to call our lunch "lunch" because people will get the idea of a quick light meal when it's actually more like "dinner". And sometimes I want to call our dinner "dinner" but I am afraid  people well think it's a heavy fulfilling meal when it's more like lunch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mint Limemade ليمون بالنعناع : Laymoon bel na'naa : The perfect summer drink

It's officially summer here in Kuwait...or the early stage of it as it will become progressively hotter from now on..Although  we have been enjoying  a quiet unusual cloudy and rainy weather in the past few days.

I know..., it's the beginning  of May it's spring for the rest of the world, but no..not here. In Kuwait it's the beginning of a dreadful, loong,  harsh summer.