Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aab Talebi : Refreshing melon milk with rose water

In the middest of a hot  summer day, hurdling along the busy,  worn down Mash'had, Iran streets, I spot a "shirini" shop with a big sign that says (آب طالبي) Aab Talebi. I hurry over to catch my dad who is a bit ahead of me ; " Can I have some?" I ask. 

If we're not trying to catch a taxi, or late for a prayer, he will usually agree.

And we often have just enough time to slow down, catch our breath, enjoy our drinks and have a little chat while my mom along with my little sisters catch up with us. 

They in turn request to have something too. And which was supposed a 5 minutes break turns into a half an hour of drinking, eating, chatting and a little fighting. But then we have just enough energy to make it to our destination without any complains. 

Aab Talebi  (melon milk with rose water)  Recipe

1 cup milk
One half a small melon (325g) / about 2 cups, skin removed, cubed
2 Tbs sugar
1 tsp rose water

- Blend all ingredients in a blender. Enjoy cold.

* Makes two cups

This is a great summer thirst quencher, and for us who are fasting this month,  this is great for Futoor and Suhoor as well. Speaking of which stay tuned for a special Ramadan series coming up this Wednsday where I asked four different bloggers from around the world to share their experience with the Holy month. I am also appearing as a guest bloggers on two of these bloggers' spaces and I'll update you with that as well. 

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