Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top 5 Middle Eastern Food Blogs

I first started blogging in 2012. At that time I would just post whatever recipes I have tried, and whatever dish I made that day. I soon realized that the internet is full of kitchen/food wandering posts and I needed to bring something unique to the blogging world. And it was then also that I realized that the middle eastern cuisine is under represented among the food blogs/ websites and magazines especially those written in English. ( I keep my kitchen wanderings post for Instagram now).

So it was my mission to blog about authentic middle eastern food, the ones I grew up with and the ones we eat everyday and occasionally the modern twist on those old recipes. Because I assume that you have come here because you are interested in middle eastern food and ingredients, I made this list of what I think are the top five middle eastern food and cooking blogs on the internet.

My criteria for choosing those blogs was that I wanted a blog with a sense of a real person behind it. I found lots of blogs that contained lots of recipes , but they were just recipes, no explanation, no stories and for me that is not what a food blog is all about.

So without further a do, let's introduce those who made it to the list:

1- Wandering Spice

Yasmeen from wanderingspice.com is a Labaneese-American  living in Australia. She shares simple  recipes inspired by her upbringing , her family traditions and travel to the middle east. Make sure to  check out her video on how to make Labneh.

2- Dirty Kitchen Secrets.

Bethany is another Labaneese-American who runs the blog Dirty Kitchen Secrets. She is also the author of a Middle Eastern cookbook  " the Jeweled kitchen" that I am due to check out. She  shares recipes that she learnt from her  upbringing childhood in Lebanon. My favorite section of her blog is the highlighted pantry items section on the sidebar.

3- Turmeric and saffron

You all know that my favorite cuisine is  persian/ iranian . So when I found Azita's blog Tumeric and Saffron I was thrilled. Azita is an iranian living in the U.S. Her blog is full of authentic iranian dishes that she grew up with in Iran. She is also a profound expert in the culture and cuisine of her country.  I especially love her recent post about Nawrouz ( the iranian solar Hijri new year celebration) for it's a tradition that I really adore.

4- Chef in disguise

Sawsan is a palestinian living in Jordan. She is an orthadonist, talented cook, blogger and a mother of two, all the same time. You might get overwhelmed when you first visit her space because of all the resources, recipes and how-to that her wonderful blog is full of. But take a deep breath and you'll find your way through. Her 'About me' page has a nice introductory to the blog and recommendations to where you might want to start.

5- Sips and spoonfuls

This is not a middle eastern food blog per se, but Sukaina  ( originally from Tanzania) lives in Dubai, UAE with her family and you'll be able to testify that she has embraced the middle eastern food and ingredients very well. Her gorgeously photographed recipes have defiantly that middle eastern flare to them even if they are not the originals. A few post that I suggest you start with are: za'atar and pomegranate roasted chicken, fattoush, tabbouleh with chickpeas. Aside from the cooking, she also has a really  nice way of writing about her life and her family that pulls you in right away and you feel like you have known her for ages.

So here you go. This is my top five middle eastern cooking blogs. Which was your favorite? What would you add to the list?


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  2. Hi! Ramadan Mubarak! I can't believe I'm just finding your food blog, I love it. I'm a Middle Eastern food blogger too and love all of these ladies.

    1. Hi Noor ! Ramadan Mubarak to you too ! Glad you found me :) I am liking your website too.

  3. I lobe those blogs well done would love to introduce my fairly new blog www.afoodiesaffairs.com I am an Egyptian Australian living in sydney very passionate about cooking middleeastern food . I dare to give it a modernized twist sometimes. Would love if you could have a look at my new space as it's the most exciting thing in my life at this stage ..
    Thanks in advance ;))

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