Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top 5 Middle Eastern Food Blogs

I first started blogging in 2012. At that time I would just post whatever recipes I have tried, and whatever dish I made that day. I soon realized that the internet is full of kitchen/food wandering posts and I needed to bring something unique to the blogging world. And it was then also that I realized that the middle eastern cuisine is under represented among the food blogs/ websites and magazines especially those written in English. ( I keep my kitchen wanderings post for Instagram now).

So it was my mission to blog about authentic middle eastern food, the ones I grew up with and the ones we eat everyday and occasionally the modern twist on those old recipes. Because I assume that you have come here because you are interested in middle eastern food and ingredients, I made this list of what I think are the top five middle eastern food and cooking blogs on the internet.

My criteria for choosing those blogs was that I wanted a blog with a sense of a real person behind it. I found lots of blogs that contained lots of recipes , but they were just recipes, no explanation, no stories and for me that is not what a food blog is all about.

So without further a do, let's introduce those who made it to the list: