Monday, April 28, 2014

Iranian Saffron Pudding : The big reveal now you can finally know the recipe behind the blog's name. As I mentioned in the About me page, saffron pudding is actually  rice saffron pudding which is often (in my community) served in commemorations and consolations. It is also a "blessed" food as we say, because you start with only one cup of rice and you end up with about 8 cups of pudding.

To tell the truth, I disliked this dessert for most of my life. My mom would bring those little covered plastic cups filled with "shullah zard"  from consolations and I remember me thinking " who would ever think of cooking such a dessert and passing it on to people".  I was disgusted with its babyfood/iesh texture,  and its complex flavors didn't suit my child's tongue that was accustomed to chocolate and ice-cream.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mach'boos recipe : a collaboration with IngredientMatcher

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Karl Soderman the founder of IngredientMatcher a new app that shows recipes from around the world with ingredients you have at home.  They wanted a recipe for a national dish to represent my country Kuwait. We agreed on Mach'boos. Which is a popular dish here in Kuwait made traditionally with lamb cubes, basmati rice split peas and golden raisins.