Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Salad recipe from My Foodie Auntie

I have an aunt who is always bringing in new dishes, trying new recipes and finding exotic food in the supermarket (I think I got my "foodieness" from her). She's that person that is always giving away recipes after the meal is finished and asking everyone what they had in their dishes and what ingredients they used.

Sweet and Nutty Salad

She's a math teacher and she has the most sincere, easy going , down to earth personality, and I've always enjoyed chatting with her. What I always admired about her is the fact that she is able to take criticism for her food even though she put her time and energy in it. She would just laugh about it, move on and try again.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chicken Biryani : The Bridge to India

One can't really talk about Kuwaiti/Khaleeji cuisine without mentioning Indian food. It just has a strong presence and a big influence on our diet. We eat chapati for breakfast, biryanis and tandories for dinner and samosas for, well, anytime snack. Indian restaurants are all over the city, from high end to small street little shops.