Monday, June 4, 2012

Basboosah: Just a Kiss

Finally I am able to put on a new post. The past month has been very hectic and busy. From designing the new look for the blog (hope you like it) , to buying , selling , packing and donating. We're moving in less than two months and the house, as well as my mind, is a complete mess.

Now that my husband passed the defense and completed his Ph.D, things has calmed down a little. There are less tension in the air and he has more time to sit down, relax,take care of the house and the kids. Which means I have more time to do what I love to do: cooking and taking pictures.

The other day, I was at my friend's house and I tasted a Basboosah that her daughter had made and it was really good I had to copy the recipe. Which actually belonged to Khale Zahra..a friend they knew for  a long time . We also discussed the topic of holding back recipes and keeping them a secret versus sharing everything, which is a topic I would like to expand on , but I'll leave that for another post.

Basboosah is a Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean   sweet that consists mainly of coconut , sugar and semolina. It is very dense and sweet and is often eaten with tea or coffee. The name have always puzzled me. Because in Arabic it sounds like Bas (just) Boosah ( a kiss) . I have no idea what is the story behind the sweet or the name. I read somewhere on the internet that the story behind the naming is that one day  a wife made this sweet for her husband and he liked it and asked her what would she like in return for this dish and she replied : bas boosah ( just a kiss) ! I don't know. I think this is too cheesy to believe, but who know?

Wherever its origin, and whatever the story behind it, this  dessert is very good and very unique as well. In fact, it is so good that I am making a Basboosah mix kit  to give to my daughter's teacher for teachers' appreciation day. Now that is a gift worth giving.

how i like it:  I really like that this recipe for Basboosah is egg-less. Basboosah is traditionally prepared with coarse semolina , but it is very hard to find it in stores here in the U.S , so I prepared it with ground semolina and you can also use cream of wheat and it will turn equally delicious.


  1. That looks delicious! Now don't tell me that is part of the South Beach Diet or I will switch over to it straight away..! Lol

  2. Ha ha... I wish :)
    I actually made this last week but I just had the time to post it. Thanks for stopping by.