Sunday, January 29, 2012


Muhallabia is a middle eastern pudding. There are lots of versions and recipe for it depending on the part of the middle east it is coming from, but basically all muhallabias will contain milk, sugar, corn starch  (sometimes rice starch) and flavoring such as cardamom and flower or blossom water.

We usually eat this in Ramadan after a day-long fasting. Served cold, its semi-liquidy semi-thick consistency can magically satisfies hunger and thirst at the same time. It is also a perfect snack for a late afternoon and a good breakfast for a toddler. Serve with chopped pistachios on top for a more grown-up, dramatic flavor.

I have made muhallabia for years using the basic ingredients: milk, corn starch, cardamom and flower water. The other day I tasted a friend's muhallabia and her version includes table cream (قيمر،قشطة) and I really liked it. It had a little extra richness than the basic recipe, and you know how I like rich food..., I am sticking with her version :)

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how i like it: the beauty of this dish is that it very flexible. If you like more of a thick consistancy pudding, add more corn starch. If you like it more watery add more water or milk at the end when the mixture has boiled and you determined the final consistency. If you like your pudding extra sweet , add more sugar. I like it not too sweet nor not too thick, which is what this recipe will give you. If you are new to cardamom and flower water flavor, dont' go too crazy with it , you may not like it. If you are doing this for your kids it is a good idea to eliminate the pistachios as kids are usually not too crazy about it.