Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spicy Potatoes بطاطا حاره : A quick dinner/ supper fix

I always get confused when referring to lunch and dinner. Here in the middle east we have a slightly different meal configuration. We have breakfast around 8-10 a.m,  then we eat lunch around 2 o'clock. But it's actually the biggest meal of the day, much like dinner in the U.S.

 We have afternoon tea and snack and then we eat dinner around 8-10 p.m which is more like a lunch meal in the U.S.  So I  always get hesitant to call our lunch "lunch" because people will get the idea of a quick light meal when it's actually more like "dinner". And sometimes I want to call our dinner "dinner" but I am afraid  people well think it's a heavy fulfilling meal when it's more like lunch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mint Limemade ليمون بالنعناع : Laymoon bel na'naa : The perfect summer drink

It's officially summer here in Kuwait...or the early stage of it as it will become progressively hotter from now on..Although  we have been enjoying  a quiet unusual cloudy and rainy weather in the past few days.

I know..., it's the beginning  of May it's spring for the rest of the world, but no..not here. In Kuwait it's the beginning of a dreadful, loong,  harsh summer.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Almond dates chocolate truffles : Keeping it real !

" A new [blog post] is up " Can you guess the amount of time and work that goes behind writing this little sentence in social media platforms like Facebook ?

For me it's A LOT ! That's why I am constantly amazed by how often other bloggers put up new posts every week or maybe even everyday. Maybe I haven't found a rhythm yet, but a new post for me starts with something like that: I get a sparkling idea in my head that I think will make a good contribution to the blog.

I write it down, marking a day on my calendar that I will make/ test this recipe. Then I'll make it and when I am fortunate with a good tasting food then I will then  plan the photo shoot, which is a whole different story. I'll have to think about the props, the surface, the lighting, the mood...etc, And it doesn't help that my allocated  space for shooting is all the way on the other side of the house away from the kitchen and I only have a few hours of the day where the lighting in that space is just perfect!